Giselle Portenier

Giselle Portenie

Giselle Portenier is a Canadian award-winning documentary filmmaker who consistently focuses on human rights issues around the world. Her ground- breaking films have sold to broadcasters everywhere, and have received numerous accolades, including two Peabodys. Many of her films have been used by human rights organizations in action campaigns, and several have resulted in changes in laws.


During a twenty-year career at the BBC in England she directed dozens of television documentaries, including Murder in Purdah about honor killings in Pakistan; Getting Away With Murder about South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Killers’ Paradise about the epidemic of the murder of women in Guatemala; Israel’s Secret Weapon about Israel’s weapons of mass destruction; Let Her Die about female infanticide and the routine abortion of female foetuses in India; Dying For Sex, an investigation in Thailand’s sex industry where whole villages survive by selling their daughters into prostitution; Congo’s Forgotten Children about the devastating effects of war on children, and many more. Portenier is now an independent filmmaker living in Vancouver, Canada.