Haydar Demirtas

Haydar Demirtas

Haydar Demirtas was born in Mardin Turkey. Demirtas finished his primary school and high school in Mardin during his education he participated BBC’s Cinema Workshop at the Mardin Youth Center. Demirtas also participated in Istanbul Culture University’s workshop in Mardin. After that Demirtas went to the Department of Art Design and Communication at the Istanbul Culture University. His first short is ‘’Itinerant Smith’’.

His second short doc is about his father’s life called ‘’My Father Making History’’. My Father Making History participated and got many awards from national and international film festivals. His other doc The Guest foremost got selected Cannes Film Festival and many different film festivals around the world. Demirtas is promoting projects such as advertisement films, documentaries, clips, advertisements under the name of Ajans Ba Film Company which is established in Mardin. He continues to work on new projects in the Middle East, mainly in Mardin. Haydar also works for TV channel called TRT Documentaries. He shot sixty documentaries for the TRT TV channel.

Director Statement

Growing up in Turkey’s Syrian border on the east of the vast Mesopotamia, I felt a passion for filmmaking and hit myself on the roads since very young ages. During the process, I realized that I was more documentary orientated and decided to be a documentary filmmaker. I shot about 20 documentaries, some succeeded in national and international festivals. When I heard the story of Hosyar Ali living in the Iraqi Kurdish region, I felt the urge to film his mission, unstopable passion and his loss. As a documentary director, I could not resist to shoot this a documentary; a story of such a man that is full of life just on the edge of death. Despite all the physical and life-crytical difficulties, I managed to shoot this documentary with a small and efficient team.


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