Salvador Alemany

Salvador Alemany

Salvador Alemany is a news producer at the Catalonian public TV. He has worked on-site in the independence of Kosovo, Ukraine orange revolution, Venezuela coup d’état, and many other breaking news, but also has produced complex events such as Spanish and Catalan general elections. Currently, he is the producer of the evening news program.


Director Statement

We did two short trips. In the first, the temperature was so high that we had to stay at midday inside the adobe houses and jaimas. I felt constantly the camera at the verge of burning. The second time, we went through a sandstorm. Lenses were affected. Moreover, the battery charger collapsed. Two batteries were damaged. The original project was impossible to fulfill.

But it was not dramatic. We had the joy of living with the Sahrawi, at their homes, eating their food, just being with them.

From time to time I stared at the surviving footage and finally found a way: R1514.

We had a taste of the Hamada and the images could tell the story of Sahrawi resistance and the development of women and education as key factors. It is not the classic interviews plus b-roll we had in mind at first for our NGO. It goes much farther and we love it!