The Courage Film Festival is aimed at all the filmmakers and scriptwriters who use their work to make a stand and to fight for what they believe is right!

All themes are welcome, covering topics such as women, immigration, the environment, family, equality, mental health, disability etc.

We are looking for films that spark discussions and debates and are the protagonists for positive change and development in the world. We want to hear your stories by giving you a platform to share them and to also discuss the issues portrayed in your film with other like-minded filmmakers.

The Courage Film Festival will feature films and scripts that fight for good causes and portray the struggles and adversity that people and groups face when trying to bring about positive change and influence in a world where you sometimes have to shout in order to make yourself heard.

People face challenges every day. Will your story ignite Courage in another human?

Let the Courage Film Festival be your platform to grab the world’s attention, to champion your cause and raise awareness.