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Against all Odds by Andrea Iannetta and Charity Resian Nampaso

Kenya - 2018 - Short Documentary

 The film tells the true story of Charity, a girl from the Masai Mara region in Kenya. She loves dearly her parents and is looking forward to the day when she will be cut and she will become a woman, just like the older girls in the village. One day, however, a film on the risks and consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM) is shown at her boarding school. Charity suddenly changes her mind and breaks the news to her parents. Her mother chooses to listen to her and to support her in her decision, while her father is scared about how people from the village – where FGM is the tradition and the norm – might react.

“Against All Odds” shows the difficult journey Charity has to embark on, which sees her rejected from family and community members, forced to escape from the village, and finally becoming a committed advocate for women’s and girls’ rights and patching things up with her father.